Cinematography LyleSacris
Editedby JohnWong
Distributedby RegalFilms
Country Philippines
With the help of a strong and spirited stranger from the future named Lia (Jennylyn Mercado), who claims that the world as we know it will cease to exist if they don’t stop Diego now, Lorenzo Valdez (Mark Herras), Annys Valdez (Katrina Halili), Yñigo Raymundo (John Prats), Euen Rapisora (Polo Ravales), Michie Rapisora (Sandara Park), and Tonton Valdez (Andrew Muhlach) stick together, taking a stand against evil in order to save the world and the people they love the most.
He has superhuman strength and speed and transforms into his aswang form whenever there is a threat of danger. He is funny, witty and happy-go-lucky. He breaks up with Annys after he finds out she's Cassandra, the daughter of Diego. Annys stole Euen's spell book to throw up in the sky when her father: Diego blast the spell book off. Polo Ravales as Euen Rapisora: Euen is the eldest son of the strongest wizards and witches. A rocker at heart, he is always locking horns with his younger sister who loves all things pink. Upon discovery of their superhero lineage, Euen also inherits a spell book, which enables him to cast magic spells.
Cast John Prats as Yñigo Raymundo: Yñigo is the son of legendary aswangs.

Super Noypi

Six normal childhood friends bound together by friendship find themselves faced with a shocking revelation – their parents are the legendary Super Noypi, the most powerful superheroes in the land! But now they are in danger, taken hostage by the wicked super-villain Diego (Monsour del Rosario). One by one, the six friends discover their super powers: the ability to move objects with their mind, becoming invisible at will, having superhuman strength and speed, transforming into any shape imaginable, casting spells and controlling fire and ice.

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